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Louisa Olive Shattuck Hodgkins

Birth Place: Brookline, N.H.
Pioneer Father: Gardner Shattuck
Birth Place: Pepperal, Mass.
Date of Arrival in California: Died in Mass 1854
Pioneer Mother: Silence Warren Shattuck
Birth Place: Ashby, Mass.
Date of Arrival in California: 1867

Remarks: Honorary Member. The old Willows used to be the farmers resort for families in early days. Then Woodwards Gardens. They were opened to the public at the time of the Civil War 1861. Golden Gate, Park, which is now so beautiful was then a barren waste of sand. The Academy of Sciences had collected a few relics. and the Pioneers also. James Lick a very wealthy bachelor, donated a large amount to both societies. He died 1876. James Lick endowed the Academy of Sciences with more than half a million dollars. The Pioneer Society received the same amount. Both buildings and all they contained were destroyed in the great fire 1906.

Lallah Scooffy Highton

Birth Place: California
Pioneer Father: Peter M. Scooffy; date of death was in California 1874
Birth Place: Greece
Date of Arrival in California: July 12, 1849
Pioneer Mother: Martha J. Scooffy
Birth Place: Tennessee
Date of Arrival in California: July 13, 1849 via Isthmus of Panama

Remarks:See history of Martha J. Scoofy Page 41

Martha Jane Scooffy

Birth Place: Tennessee
Pioneer Father: Garrett Bradley
Birth Place: Ireland
Date of Arrival in California: Died in Mississippi 1886
Pioneer Mother: Susan Saunders
Birth Place: Lynchburg, VA
Date of Arrival in California: Died in Mississippi 1857
Ms. Scooffy died S.F. 1906

Remarks: Page 41

Antoinette Davis Kidder

Birth Place: Lynchburg, VA
Pioneer Father: Thomas M. Davis
Birth Place: Georgetown, D.C.
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 6, 1850
Pioneer Mother: Sarah B. Schoolfield Davis
Birth Place: Lynchburg, VA
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 2, 1850

Remarks: Mrs. Kidder arrived in California Sept. 2nd 1852 -across the Plains- See further particulars on page 14

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