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Elizabeth D. Johnson

Birth Place: Germany
Pioneer Father:Carl August Janki
Birth Place: Germany
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 12, 1850
Pioneer Mother: Anna Dorthea Peterson
Birth Place: Germany
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 12, 1850
Father: Belmont 1881; Mother: Belmont 1881

Remarks: My father was the first to bring portable houses to the city. I believe two were erected where Sherman & Clays Music store now stands (Sutter & Kearney). One on Montgomery Street on part of the lot now occupied by the D.O Mills building and two on Folsom Street near First All were covered with slate roofs. My two brothers were the flag of the Old Fusilier Guard. A building company called California Fusiliers (German) of which Colonel  Little was the captain. My father also built and managed the first Turn Verein Hall situated on Bush Street near Powell. The hall was dedicated Christmas Eve and all the people of note in the city attended the exercises.

Mrs. Johnson passed away Jan. 20, 1829.

Cecilia Zenetta Dickson

Birth Place: Galena, Illinois
Pioneer Father: Joseph Purdy
Birth Place: Canada
Date of Arrival in California: Nov. 21, 1852
Pioneer Mother: Chloie Ann Rawson
Birth Place: New York
Date of Arrival in California: 
Father died in Grass Valley Feb. 1853

Remarks: In company with my father and step mother and our little sister we left Galena on the last day of April 1852. We arrived at Council Bluffs by boat. There we found our wagons and cattle waiting for us. There were one hundred wagons in our train Each one drawn  by three yoke of oxen. We were seven months on the plains. When we arrived at Sacramento and found the entire city under water. From Marysville, also flooded, we took the stage for Grass Valley. I was a little girl at the time but have never forgotten the trip. We had skirmishes with Indians and once it delayed keeping with the train. When they camped for the night I was not to be found Twenty five men on horseback came back after me. They found me hidden behind a lot of sage brush. Half an hour before they arrived I saw a band of Indians pass by on the road near where I was hiding and was frightened nearly to death when my father found me. My father died the following year in Grass Valley.

Mary Teresa Kelly

Birth Place: San Francisco
Pioneer Father: D. William Magorty
Birth Place: Leitrim, Ireland
Date of Arrival in California: 1852
Pioneer Mother: Abbie L. Magorty
Birth Place: Ireland
Date of Arrival in California: 1854
Father: Oct. 1902; Mother: Apr. 1900

Remarks: Both parents came to Cal. via the Isthmus of Panama

Charlotte Abbi Fowles

Birth Place: California
Pioneer Father: Isaac Sattley Church
Birth Place: Vermont
Date of Arrival in California: May 20, 1850
Pioneer Mother: Sarah Ellen Geer
Birth Place: Vermont
Date of Arrival in California: March 20, 1860
Sattley, Sierra Co., Cal.

Remarks: Both parents came to Cal. via Panama

Alice Mary Best

Birth Place: California
Pioneer Father: Joseph Levegne
Birth Place: Quebec, Canada
Date of Arrival in California: 1850
Pioneer Mother: Mary A. Mahoney
Birth Place: Boston, Mass.
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 20, 1860
Father: Sept. 20, 1888

Remarks: Father came to Cal. via Cape Horn. Mother Panama.

Amelia A. Chamberlin, see page 67

Birth Place: New York
Pioneer Father: John L. Parcells
Birth Place: New York
Date of Arrival in California: 1849
Pioneer Mother: Sarah Parcells
Birth Place: England
Date of Arrival in California: 1859
Both parents died in California

Remarks: Came to Cal. via Panama

Elizabeth Hudson Coe

Birth Place: Homer, Michigan
Pioneer Father: Milton Barney
Birth Place: Massachusetts
Date of Arrival in California: Sept. 13, 1852
Pioneer Mother: Sophia Dorsey Barney
Birth Place: Baltimore, Md
Date of Arrival in California: 1852

Remarks: Father was born in 1796 and died Sacramento in 1875. Both parents crossed the plains.

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