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Mrs. Emily Frances Russell

Birth Place: Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts
Pioneer Father: Asapel L. Read; Died North Dighton, Mass. March 2nd, 1850
Birth Place: Steep Brook, Bristol County, Massachusetts; Came to this state via Cape Horn 1849
Date of Arrival in California: May 5th 1865
Pioneer Mother: Mary B. Read; Died North Dighton
Birth Place: Rehobeth County, Mass.
Date of Arrival in California: Mrs. Read never came to Calif.

Remarks: Mrs. Russell came to California in 1865 where she has since resided.

Josephine Newall

Birth Place: Hamburg, Germany
Pioneer Father: Joseph De Santos; Died Hamburg, Germany 1850 
Birth Place: Portugal
Date of Arrival in California: —
Pioneer Mother: Dorothy Hamms; Died April 6th, 1895
Birth Place: Hanover, Germany
Date of Arrival in California: Arrived in California 1851; Around Cape Horn; Ship Alfred


Helen M. Oakley

Birth Place: Native Daughter
Pioneer Father: Samuel C. Oakley; Died October 1883 San Francisco
Birth Place: Riverhead, Longford, Co., New York
Date of Arrival in California: May 1st 1850. Came to California via Cape Horn
Pioneer Mother: Mrs. Sarah E. Long Oakley; Died Sept. 18th, 1860
Birth Place: Huntington, Suffolk, Co. New York
Date of Arrival in California: October 1853

Remarks: Mrs. Oakley came to this state via Panama

Mrs. Antoinette Davis Kidder

Birth Place: Lynchburg, Campbell Co. Virginia
Pioneer Father: Thomas M. Davis; Died Watsonville 1881
Birth Place: Georgetown, D.C.
Date of Arrival in California: Sept 6th 1850
Pioneer Mother: Mrs. Sarah Schoolfield Davis; Died Watsonville March 15, 1885
Birth Place: Lynchburg, Campbell Co. Virginia
Date of Arrival in California: September 2, 1852; Mr. & Mrs. Davis came to this state Overland.

Remarks: I have thought my mother a very brave woman to undertake that journey across the plains with her family of seven children and my father already in California having arrived two years before. But she did undertake it and we all arrived safely. We neither encountered hostile Indians, nor did we suffer from cholera. We arrived at Sacramento Sept. 2, 1852. Found father well and prosperous. We were very happy for one month when fire swept away all our earthly possessions. Father was taken dangerously ill and was very low when the flood came. Had it not been for the Masons and Odd Fellows of which my father was a charter member, we would have suffered greatly. They secured a house for us in a high part of the city and we all lived in that one room until father was well. We moved to Watsonville in 1853. There I was married. We lived there until 1896 when I moved to San Francisco. I have passed through some very rough times particularly the early 50’s. Perhaps there has been as much sunshine as shadow in my life although my husband, parents, brothers, and sisters (except one) have gone to their eternal homes.

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