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Gates, Lorabel Treadway

Birth Place: Bakersfield Calif
Pioneer Father: Vance Yard Tredway
Birth Place: Woodbridge, San Joaquin
Date of Arrival in California: Native Son
Pioneer Mother: Martha West Tredway
Birth Place: Hanford, Kern Co.
Date of Arrival in California: Native Daughter


Lorabel Tredway Gates

My Great-Grand Father West came across the Plains. My Great-Grand Father was born in Bakersfield just after they arrived. Henry Dibble West was my Great Grand Fathers name.

There are extensive records of him in Kern Co. files. He was a pioneer down there.

My Great-Grand Father was a Doctor in San Francisco.

For information on him see Mrs. Alice West 1821 Oak St., San Francisco

I am not sure of the date, but I know it was before 1853, around ’48 or ’49.

I havent time to write for the exact date, but I can get it if necessary.

Ericson, Marie F. Fischer

Birth Place: 
Pioneer Father: Albert Fischer
Birth Place: New York
Date of Arrival in California:
Pioneer Mother: Agnes Fischer
Birth Place: (Posen) Poland
Date of Arrival in California: 1851

Remarks: My Mother arrived in San Francisco from New York in 1851 Name was Mrs. Neiser, had a Son Edward and a Daughter Emma.

Located in Dackins Hall on Vallejo Street as Montgomery Ave.

I was born in the 1500 block of Stockton Street near Green.

Matilda Grace F Fisher

Birth Place: San Jose California
Pioneer Father: William Gordon lane; Born Dec. 25 1854
Birth Place: Woodland, Calif.
Date of Arrival in California: Died Mar. 5, 1930
Pioneer Mother: Josie M. Lane
Birth Place: Hamilton Missouri
Date of Arrival in California: 1870

Remarks: My Grate [sic] Grand Father Hopkins Work came to California in 1849, also Grate Grand Mother Martha Ann Work. They were the Mother and Father of my Father’s Mother.

My Grand Father Dr Enock Crosby Lane came to California in 1849. My Grand Mother Matilda Anna Lane came to California in 1849. They came by Oxteam.

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