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Scott, Olivia Castro

Birth Place: Oakland
Pioneer Father: 
Birth Place: San Pablo, Cal.
Date of Arrival in California:
Pioneer Mother: Elise C.D. Dohrman
Birth Place: Germany
Date of Arrival in California: 1854, came by sailing vessel

Remarks: My Forbears Joaquin Isadore Castro, and wife Martina Marie de Bartilliar came to California in 1775, with Capt. Juan de Batiste de Anza with 9 children; their youngest son, Francisco Maria Castro settled in San Pablo, Contra Costa Co. in 1823; was given a land grant by Mexico of thousands of acres; my mother was allied to early British Crown. the Coat of Arms, Duke of Brunswick, in my possession, but a loyal American. My grandfather, Juan José Castro and his brother Victor applied to the Governor Juan B. Alvarado for a of all vacant Sobrante land lying between the Ranchero San Antonio, San Pablo, Moraga, Pinole and Valencia; the land was granted to the two brothers and my grandfather built a home lived there with his wife, Petra Bernal, daughter of the distinguished Family of Bernal of Rancho Santa Theresa, in Santa Clara Co. and my Father Juan Francisco was born there. My Mother, Elise Dohrmann came from Europe to San Francisco with her parents in 1853. My Maternal Grandparents conducted a hotel in San Pablo, settling on a farm of 200 Acres in Richmond called Rancho Encinalito (which [illegible] a grove of small oaks) and it was there that my married; three children were born to them: – Frances, myself and sister Louise; both are deceased. In 1895 I married Richard L.B.F. Scott, who was a descendant of Sir Walter Scott’s Family; my husband’s Father was a nephew of Sir Walter Scott.

Soberanes, Vera I. Sewell (1942)

Birth Place: Oakland, Calif.
Pioneer Father: Amos Fuller Sewell
Birth Place: Marysville
Date of Arrival in California:
Pioneer Mother: Alice F. Marsh Sewell
Birth Place: Martinez
Date of Arrival in California:

Remarks: My Great-grandfather, Dr. John Marsh was born in Danvers, Mass. In 1799; he was a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, in 1819; he graduated from Harvard, Aug. 27, 1823. He became a tutor in Fort St. Anthony, Minn. and later, an Indian Sub. Agent. In 1825, he met and married Margarite Decanteaux; in 1826 a son Charles was born and in 1832 his wife died. (John’s Wife.) and after placing Charles with a friend, Dr. J. Pelotier, John started west by the Santa Fe Trail and finally reached California, arriving in the Pueblo of Los Angeles, in Feb. 1836; ten years later in ’46, he [illegible] to the Hon. Lewis Cass; — J left the U.S. in ’35 and came to New Mexico and then through the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, crossed the Rio Colorado at its junction, with the Gila River near the tides of the Gulf and entered the Territory at its southern part; any more direct route was unknown and considered impracticable; he established himself as a doctor, receiving licinse from the Mexican Government, to practice medicine and surgery; paid for services in cowhides and six months later received $500 in gold and rode north in search of a ranch; in ’37 he bought the Rancho de Los Meganos. (ranch of Sand Dunes.) bought it from Jose Noriaga for $500 and took possession in April 1838; it was situated at the base of Mt. Diablo and extended to the San Joaquin River; [illegible] the Rancho with cattle, horses and sheep, and is credited with planting the first cereals in the county. His practice took him to Sutter’s Fort and he soon became wealthy in gold and cattle; he wrote to friends in the East telling them of it’s sial, climate, etc., which was published in papers, etc. and started immigration to this state; John Bidwell led the first emigrant trail in ’41, and stayed at the Marsh Ranch, and lived there for a while. In June 1851 he married Abigail Smith Tuck, meeting her through the Rev. Wm. W. Smithe who was the Founder of Antioch; in Mar. ’52 a daughter was born. Mrs. Marsh died three years later; Dr. Marsh was building the home when his wife died and moved into it before it was completed, and in Sept. 1856, he was murdered by three of his former employees, near the site where the Vine Hill School now is, about 1/2 miles from Martinez. On June 26, 1932 a Plaque was dedicated by Donner Parlor N.D.G.H. at the stone house, a Loudward of Contra Costa Co. Charles Marsh, the only son (my Grandfather) lived there for several years; several children were born there; my Mother, Alice Marsh was bornin Martinez in 1858; the family moved to Oakland in 1868; Charles erected a large mansion at 8thand Castro St. My Mother and sisters attended Frielas and Mills Seminary; married Amos Sewell, in June ’87 in Oakland; I was born in 1888 in Oakland, and I was married in 1913 to Mr. J. P. Soberans, a descendant of of Jose Maria Soberanes, who came to California in 1769, with the first expedition of Don Portola. My Grandfather was a Member of the Society of California Pioneers and I have a receipt for Dues 1875.

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