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Webster, Cora Rower

Birth Place: San Francisco
Pioneer Father: Joshua Lyons Rower
Birth Place: New York
Date of Arrival in California: 1856
Pioneer Mother: MaryAnn E. MacDonald
Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Arrival in California:
Sausalito 1896 at the Altamont Hotel

Remarks: My Grandfather, Wm. Jennings Rower, Pioneer was born Feb. 12, 1796, at P [blank space], New York; he had a thriving Ship-Chandlery at 55 State St. N.Y., leaving his business in the hands of a cousin, he took passage in a sailing ship, around Cape Horn and arrived in S.F. in 1850; the firm name known as [illegible], Hoff and Rower; afterward he with-drew and took his porter as a partner; the firm then known as Rower and O’Brian. They dissolved partnership, O’Brien taking his share as $8,000; and forming partnerships with James Flood, and naming it, the Auction Lunch Saloon; this came into being the celebrated firm of Flood and O’Brian; of the famous Comstock Load in Nevada and made millions.

John Lyons Rower, the 2nd son of Wm. J. Rower joined his father in S.F. in 1856; also having sailed around Cape Horn. Through the influence of his father, he became James Flood’s Secretary, afterward becoming a stock-broker and a member of the S.F. Stock Exchange in 1860; he was also a Member of the California State Legislature; in later years he became interested in Transportation in California; in 1864 he married Mary Ann MacDonald in San Jose; had four daughters. He organised the Sausalito Land and Ferry Co., in 1868. The first steam Ferry Boat, being name “Princess”; he was the first vice-President and later became a Director. Rower Ave. in Sausalito being named for him; for years being the Attorney and Land Agent for the S.P. Co. R.R. for the South Pacific Coast R.R. from S.F. to Santa Cruz.; and was responsible for the Brauer R.R. that ran into Oakland from the Alameda Pier; he was also Land Agent for the western Pacific R.R. in California; he then helped to put through the R.R. Brauer to Eureka; the day that the last Spike was driven, which brought the R.R. into Eureka, John Lyons Rower, who was called the father of Transportation in California, passed away in San Francisco, Oct. 23/76, aged 76 years.

Hammerson, Genie E.M.

Birth Place: American Flat
Pioneer Father: Edward Merrill
Birth Place: Falmouth, Maine
Date of Arrival in California: 1850
Pioneer Mother: Norma K.L. Merrill
Birth Place: Falmouth, Me.
Date of Arrival in California: 1853 or ’54

Remarks: My Father went to Virginia City, and soon after he worked in the Comstock Mine, they lived for a time on Russian Hill; there was a severe earthquake in the 50’s. Her mother was thrown out of a tub while bathing. My mother came around the Horn and it took six months around the Horn. She died on a farm in Chowchilla.

Johnston, Sadie E.

Birth Place: San Francisco
Pioneer Father: John Burke
Birth Place: New Brunswick
Date of Arrival in California: 1852
Pioneer Mother: [illegible] Burke
Birth Place: Albion, Mich.
Date of Arrival in California: 1852, was 4 years old on arrival

Remarks: My Grandfather (mother’s father) Henry Rice Mann came to Jackson, Amador Co. in ’49, where he was killed by his pet “Bear.” My Grandmother, Olive Lucinda Manna was enroute overland with her 4 children of whom my Mother was the youngest. – Reference to my Grandfather appears in “Mother” by Louis J. Stellman, and “Anybody’s Gold”.

Mulaney, Emma Emilie

Birth Place: San Francisco
Pioneer Father: Bernard Wm. Meyer
Birth Place: Hanover, Germany
Date of Arrival in California: 1850
Pioneer Mother: Catherine von Wolde
Birth Place: Prussia
Date of Arrival in California: 1852

Remarks: Isthmus of Panama

Grisez, Nellie

Birth Place: Marysville
Pioneer Father: Robert Finn
Birth Place: 
Date of Arrival in California:
Pioneer Mother: Sullivan, Catherine
Birth Place: Marysville
Date of Arrival in California:

Remarks: Father came by way of Isthmus of Panama. Her Aunt Miss Nelliewas a member of the Association

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