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California Pioneers

By Mrs. Ida Matthis Brothers

All honor to the Pioneers
That are gathered here today
I want to do them homage
In this city by the bay
For lives that proved their greatness
For the victories they have won
As pushing onward westward
The reached the land of sun


Thru prairies wide they travelled
They climbed the mountains high
Traversed the burning deserts
Where all was packed and dry
They crossed the rushing rivers
They braved the stormy sea
They battled with the savages
To win such victory


They builded towns and cities
In this glorious state of ours
With a thousand miles of coast line
And its many sun lit horns
From the snow capped peaks of Shasta
To the sun Kissed Southern land
They erected one vast empire
Monumental to this band


They tilled the fertile valleys
They curbed the rushing streams
From desert and from mountain
Realized their golden dream
They made of California
The greatest State of all
These brave and noble people
The responded to the Call


They fought and built the pathway
That all might follow in
The world they then invited
To join them as a Kin
From the northern States they answered
The South responding too
And far away to eastward
They journeyed to the new


The world has sent all races
Peculiar to their climes
With different tongues and customs
As all mixed here sublime
Our State has reached its zenith
Prosperity reigns supreme
And thousands more are coming
To our nation’s west extreme


Dear western pioneer mothers
We bow in reverence low
You journeyed her before us
As martyrs well we know
You struggled this tempestuous years
Your work must ever shine
Society must honor you
In action as in rhyme


The father too that bore the blunt
Of hardships on the way
We love you for your valor
For the heroes passed away
Your progeny will point with print
To the great work you have done
The founding of our glorious state
Your equal there is none


God bless our antecedents
For California’s shores
And for this lovely city
Which opens wide its doors
May it always be the centre
Of great prosperity
The greatest of incentives
To all posterity

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The Association of Pioneer Women

Honorary Members. From 1900-1923

Mrs. Phoebe Hearst

Mrs. Jane Stanford

Mrs. Jessie Fremont

Mrs. Jane Sather

Mrs. Emma S. Howard

Mrs. Ellen Sargent

Mrs. Ralph Smith

Mrs. Virginia Reed Murphy

Mrs. Patty Reed Lewis

Mrs. Hannah P. Cameron

Mrs. Agnes Loudenshagen

Mrs. Louise Shattuck Hodgkins

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Lightner

Mrs. Lizzie Kennedy Burke

Miss Laura T. Fowler

Mrs. Margaret M. Connick

Mrs. Anna E. McIntyre

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